Professional French includes many aspects of professional life, depending on your field of work. You may be working in sales, banking, marketing, medicine or architecture for instance. Your needs as students will vary a lot according to your field of expertise. Our professional French course is a concrete way for you to rehearse and master various scenarios that will be useful in your professional life.

In private or group courses with your colleagues, tuition takes place at a location that is convenient for your schedule : at your office or our school.

We can help you in various professional fields, so contact us to explain your needs and objectives, we'll take care of the rest!

Business French

Customized training for Professionals

If you are willing to find a job in a French-speaking country or want to expand your business in French-speaking markets, we provide a complete French training for you to get the best results to achieve your goal.

During this course, you can write a resume in French, prepare for a French job interview, learn how to introduce yourself in a professional context in a French speaking environment and follow the appropriate French cultural protocol during a telephone call, presenting a report during a meeting, seminar or negotiating during French business meetings etc.

Marketing and Communication industry

Specialized French for Marketing and Communication

When analysing markets, apprehending the commercial, political and cultural specificities in the French-speaking countries can be complex without help. On the contrary, with our expertise, understanding the tools and techniques of marketing and communication in a French-speaking context can be a huge asset for your work and business development.

During this course, you will master the French vocabulary for market analysis, the key facts of French-speaking markets with their specificities (cultural and economical) as well as communicate efficiently following the etiquette to interact with your French-speaking business partners, etc.

This course will help professionals, lawyers, law students and those with an interest in French law to gain confidence when speaking French at work. With a balanced mix of general and legal French, you will improve your communication skills quickly through realistic situations prepared in class.

While developing your language skills, increase your confidence and broaden your knowledge of specialist French vocabulary and the legal culture in France. At the end of the course you should have a good understanding of the French legal system terminologies and be able to talk about legal subjects accurately.

Healthcare industry

French course for healthcare professionals

We can train doctors and healthcare professionals to understand basic French vocabulary related to healthcare and communicate in realistic situations related to their work environment. This course is designed for medical students and trainees, doctors or nurses who wish to work with French-speaking healthcare professionals or use documents written in French.

In class, role plays will lead you from face-to-face consultations in French, medical counselling on the phone, discussing symptoms and ailments with French speaking  medical teams to writing simple medical letters in French.

Hospitality and F&B industries

Learn French for Tourism and Gastronomy

The French language is very important in the hospitality and F&B sectors. As a key ability for people who work in these fields, we lead students to acquire competence in French for the specific situations found in tourism, hospitality, hotel and gastronomy for example. Under our guidance, you will master a linguistic knowledge on a professional level.

This French course is ideal for receptionists, waiters and other office personnel who have direct contact with French-speaking customers. During the course, you will rehearse daily professional situations such as welcoming a guest, handling bookings, making a suggestion or recommendation, dealing with complaints in French, etc.